Healthy Bean Organic Coffee

Sample (2.5oz) - Healthy Bean Coffee

Healthy Bean Coffee | Infused with Matcha, Chia, Rooibos tea | 2.5 oz

Healthy Bean coffee is a semi-dark, low acid blend infused with matcha, chia, and rooibos tea. The superfood-packed blend benefits body + brain functions without the crash, and since it's low acid, it's easy on your digestive system. The taste is smooth and flavorful.

Why does it come in a tin-bag you might ask? We instantly package it in these bags after the brewing process to protect it from light, oxygen, and other harmful elements to keep the freshness. These bags extend the shelf-life by about 5x the normal amount. 

This coffee is antioxidant-rich (read here to learn about the power of antioxidants) and contributes to anti-aging, boosts immunity and contains 107mg of caffeine. 

Order now and you can have superfood-packed, antioxidant-rich, Healthy Bean Coffee. 

Try our sample and we're sure you'll be back to get more.

 / Antioxidants

Our unique blend of rooibos, matcha, and chia creates an antioxidant powerhouse. Just one cup has about 5x more antioxidants than the daily recommendation. Thanks to the powerful antioxidants in the chia and rooibos, these antioxidants play a key role in heart, brain, digestive and immune system functions. 

Energy & Focus

Unlike your traditional coffee, Healthy Bean provides a smooth and clean release of energy from the natural caffeine in the coffee & tea. Powerful chemicals in the matcha green tea such as L-Theanine help you focus and combat stress. 

/ Low Acid = Balanced pH

Plus, it's low-acid, with a 5.4 pH level. (That means it isn't harsh on your stomach or digestive system like most acidic coffee brands!) Your body will feel the difference after the first cup. This low acidity also helps your body maintain a balanced pH. Cheers to a healthier way of life!


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Great coffee!
Smooth Tasting
Loved it. It’s very smooth
So good for my sensitive