What is Healthy Bean?

Healthy Bean Coffee is a well rounded, low acid coffee that meets the desire of flavor conscious coffee drinkers as well as health conscious individuals and performance minded athletes.

This low acid, semi-dark organic coffee is naturally infused with chia, matcha and rooibos. Low acidity combined with the health benefits of our favorite superfoods makes you question what coffee is capable of. 

Learn About Our Ingredients

Crafted For Your Mind + Body

Low Acid Smoothness

Say goodbye to heartburn and acid reflux, with a 5.4 pH level, our coffee isn't harsh on your stomach or digestive system like most coffee brands. Your body will feel the difference after the first cup. 

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Just one cup has about 5x more antioxidants than the daily recommendation. This plays a key role in heart, brain, digestive and immune system functions. 

Sustainable Energy & No Crash

Unlike your traditional coffee, Healthy Bean provides a smooth and clean release of energy without the jitters or caffeine crash. Drink this and you'll feel a calm sense of energy & focus.