Coffee, Reimagined.

We harvested the cleanest, least acidic, highest quality, organic arabica coffee beans and combined them with our favorite superfoods to give you the healthiest cup of coffee. Mold free, gut friendly, and healthy. This is the new wave of coffee. 

Not your ordinary Coffee

Gut Friendly Smoothness

Our coffee has lower acidity so its gentle on your digestive system unlike most coffee brands. Your body will feel the difference after the first cup. 

Health Kick  

Just one cup has about 5x more antioxidants than the daily recommendation. This plays a key role in heart, brain, digestive and immune system functions. 

Calm Energy & Focus

Unlike your traditional coffee, Healthy Bean provides a smooth release of energy with no jitters or caffeine crash. Drink this and you'll feel a calm sense of energy & focus. 

Try Healthy Bean Coffee