Whole Body Benefits In One Cup

Gut Healthy

We’re low acid and gentle on even the most sensitive of stomachs.

Immune - Boosting

Enjoy support for a healthy immune system thanks to our infused superfoods.

Full Body Wellness

Our coffee is next level and supports full body wellness with its high antioxidant levels and anti-inflammatory properties.

Clean Energy And Focus

Indulge in our coffee for relaxed focus and steady energy, free from jitters or crashes.

5 Stars from over 2,000 customers


"Great tasting coffee that seems to be really helping me. I’m able to enjoy my coffee in the morning without the stomach upset that I used to have since this is lower in acid."


"I tried the superfood blend and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not really a darker roast person but this one is fairly mild and yet gives a gentle and steady boost of energy.


"Being prone to gut issues, I had to previously give up coffee. I missed it so much, so I started seeking out healthier coffees and found healthy bean coffee. I have made some every morning since I got my first bag and am happy to say it is SO gentle on the stomach! I haven’t had any issues and the flavor is amazing. I


It’s delicious! So flavorful and our favorite cup of joe so far! We love that it is tested for mold and is chemical and pesticide free! Not to mention, organic!! -This has been something very hard to find! We are hooked!


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Where are your coffee beans from?

We source our beans from the Western Highlands of Guatemala, where they are grown at high elevations and handled with care. We use 100% organic Arabica beans. Our HQ is in sunny California.

What ingredients are in your coffee?

Healthy Bean Superfood Coffee is made of 100% organic arabica coffee, organic rooibos red tea, organic matcha green tea, and organic chia seeds. All the ingrdients are 100% natural, nothing artificial and no additives. Our beans are fused with our superfoods in the roasting process - this keeps all health benefits from the superfoods without changing the flavor of the coffee.

How do I make Healthy Bean Coffee?

You can brew Healthy Bean the same way you’d brew any average coffee — whether it’s with a regular coffee maker, pour-over, French press or any other method. We suggest using 2-3 tbsp. of coffee per 6-8 oz of water. If you like a very strong cup, you can increase your coffee to water ratio.

Is your coffee Fair-Trade?

Yes it is! We pay our coffee farmers significantly more than the market rate. By doing so, we ensure that our farmers have ample financial resources to support themselves, their families, and the local community. We're proud to be fair-trade certified.

Are your coffee beans tested for mold & mycotoxins?

Yes! We use a thrid-party lab to test for molds, mycotoxins (Ochratoxin & Aflatoxin), yeast and heavy metals to ensure we have the healthiest coffee beans.

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