Coffee sent to you, on your schedule.

A Healthy Bean Coffee subscription is a way to automate your coffee delivery. It’s a more convenient way to get Healthy Bean delivered to your doorstep on your own time. Plus automatic 20% savings, and a chance to save even more with the subscriber referral program.

Why Customers Love Subscriptions

Get 20% off every order, every time.

Skip, Pause, or Cancel Anytime.

Get Access To Our Referral Program and save up to an additional 35%!

Free Shipping When You Subscribe to $70+ or more than 4 bags!

Time to subscribe! It's simple and easy.

1. Choose the "Subscription 20%" option on the coffee you want to order

Once you select this, you can choose how often you want your delivery, what type of coffee you want delivered (ground or whole bean) and the quantity you want delivered. Once all options are set, just “add to cart.” 

2. Checkout and Create an Account

Once you’re on the checkout page, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a Healthy Bean account using an email address and phone number. This is how you can login to manage your account! 
Pro Tip: Get Free Shipping On Orders Above $75

3. Get Healthy Bean Coffee delivered automatically

We’ll ship your coffee order automatically based on the frequency and order you have set in your Healthy Bean account.

4. Manage your subscription at any time

At any point, you can login to your account by selecting the “account” tab on our website and signing in. Once you are logged into your account, you can update your order, frequency and more.

5. No Strings Attached - Cancel Anytime

There are no hidden fees or strings attached. You can skip, pause or cancel your subscription at any time within your Healthy Bean account.

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Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP (definitely within 24 hours).

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