Our family-owned coffee business.

We have been in the Health and Fitness industry for many years. Living a healthy lifestyle while focusing on nutrition has always been a passion. As avid coffee drinkers we wanted to make sure what we were consuming daily was in fact Healthy. 

Our mission was to create a coffee free from pesticides, molds, and high acid levels. Along our journey we discovered so much more! We want to share HBC with as many people as we can.

Our small family owned business has one big goal of creating the healthiest cup of coffee on the planet. 

We are based in California and we love growing the base of Healthy Bean customers and helping people enjoy a cleaner coffee one cup at a time.

Why healthy Bean?

We wanted to make the healthiest cup of coffee

The Source

It all begins when we source our organic Arabica beans, which are grown at high altitudes and hand-picked with farmers we can trust. Always Fair-Trade Certified.

The Roast

We small-batch roast our beans and have a proprietary roasting process that helps keep our beans low acid and infuses each batch with our favorite superfoods.

The Quality Check

We use a third-party lab to test all batches for molds, mycotoxins, yeast, heavy metals and more. You get a cup that’s clean as can be.

The Delivery

We ship out all orders fresh, straight to your doorstep.

We do it for you..

Your happiness is our #1 goal

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"Great tasting coffee that seems to be really helping me. I’m able to enjoy my coffee in the morning without the stomach upset that I used to have since this is lower in acid."


"I tried the superfood blend and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not really a darker roast person but this one is fairly mild and yet gives a gentle and steady boost of energy.


"Being prone to gut issues, I had to previously give up coffee. I missed it so much, so I started seeking out healthier coffees and found healthy bean coffee. I have made some every morning since I got my first bag and am happy to say it is SO gentle on the stomach! I haven’t had any issues and the flavor is amazing. "


It’s delicious! So flavorful and our favorite cup of joe so far! We love that it is tested for mold and is chemical and pesticide free! Not to mention, organic!! -This has been something very hard to find! We are hooked!

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