Decaf Cycling

Decaf Cycling

We love it, but sometimes it hates us and even keeps us up at night. Yep, we’re talking about caffeine. So how do we consume less caffeine without giving up the delicious taste of a rich chocolatey brew? The answer might be Decaf cycling. 


What is Decaf Cycling?

You know your strong cup of coffee is something you rely on every morning but it’s taking a bit more of it to give you the same edge, so you introduce decaf into your routine for 2-3 weeks. Decaf coffee is going to give you the same sensation you crave every morning,, while stepping on the brakes of the typical caffeine surge. It’s not as bad as it sounds, in fact some people get to the point where they just drink coffee for the taste. 

What are the benefits?

Your neurotransmitters, hormones and other parts of your nervous system will thank you for this much needed break. Caffeine is in fact a drug, and probably the most popular in the world at that. As you continue to consume loads of caffeine, your brain chemistry starts to change. 

Adenosine is the neurotransmitter that makes you feel tired. When you drink caffeine, and a lot of it, the cells get confused and caffeine starts to take the place of Adenosine. When that happens more adenosine is created, meaning you will have to drink even more caffeine to overcome the tiredness- it’s a vicious cycle. 


With Decaf cycling, you take a break from that ever increasing dose of caffeine and allow the body to reset its adenosine receptors. After doing this cycle, you can hop back to that regular brew and your caffeine  will naturally decrease! 

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