Time management and your health

Time management and your health
Becoming healthier and getting in shape should be a priority for all of us. It’s much easier said than done. In our world today we are faced with never ending to-do lists, long work hours and exhausting daily schedules. Just about anything can get in the way of focusing on your health.
The challenges of eating healthy and having the time to get a quality workout in is something many of us are faced with. Most of us will settle for a quick bite to eat, which is usually far from being nutritional, then on top of that we do not get in enough physical exercise. 
How do we improve? How do we become better? 
It comes down to being mentally strong. When you’ve come to a fork in the road, knowing which direction to go and actually choosing the right direction is where it all begins. We are all faced with this fork in the road every single day. We must choose wisely. Nutrition is key!  Choosing the right meals and having a game plan for your diet, like meal prepping g before your stuck with a hard decision to make.  
Most of us start with a cup of coffee to kick start the day. Choose wisely with a healthy breakfast. Prepare your breakfast the night before. Oatmeal with fruit, chia, flax seed etc. When Oatmeal gets repetitive try a Organic Greek yogurt that is PLAIN. 20+ Grams of protein and under 5 Grams of sugar. Mix with a granola etc. Making the right choices and choosing the right paths will pave the way to improving your day. 
Having these meals ready to go in the morning should really allow you to jump on the day and not bring more stress to your morning.
If you really want to try and get tricky.. try starting your day 1 hour earlier. This will allow for Breakfast and possibly 20-30 min of physical exercise.  
You will notice your body accepting this new behavior. Its very rewarding to know you started the day off with a great meal and some physical exercise in.
In time you will find your own adjustments and improvements for your new morning schedule.  
Being Healthy is all about getting into a routine that is healthy mentally and physically. Less stress equals more success. Get a jump on your day and you will see great improvements. 

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