What makes you smile?

What makes you smile?
Life is all about the journey.
What is our purpose here? Why do we do what we do? Why do we feel what we feel? Every action has a reaction. So my question for you is are you happy? What makes you smile? Do you get involved in the things you enjoy. Do you make time for yourself? As a very busy mother of two little girls, running three businesses, and taking care of our home, I often feel overwhelmed. One of the important things to me is to always stay active in what makes me smile. Little or big, it doesn’t matter. I make sure I indulge in the things that bring me happiness. After all how can anyone around me smile if I am not smiling. Our attitudes are contagious, good or bad.
It’s easy to please me
Personally, I enjoy a lot of things so luckily, it’s easy to please me. I love to shop, have a day at the salon & spa, be cozy on the couch in jammies and fuzzy socks, take a bubble bath, take a yoga class, play board games, go for a walk at the beach, have movie night, or get dressed up for a fancy dinner & dancing. The balance we create for our day to day is what is important. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right foods and drinking plenty of water should be our foundation. Layering on that the specific things that truly put a smile on our face is the icing on the cake. Of course, we have our to-do lists and our routine responsibilities, but incorporating the little things into that lifestyle will make all the difference.
Create a game plan
My first challenge is for you to make time to do just one thing every single day for yourself that makes you smile. Write it down. Create a game plan. After you complete it, thank yourself. Be appreciative that you cared enough about you to make you a priority. Each day continue to build on that. Continue to develop healthy habits that are good for your body and that bring joy into your life. Then you can pour that happiness into your home and into your family.


 Practice smiling

My second challenge is to practice smiling at yourself in the mirror every single day. Research shows that a big smile that involves facial muscle activity around the eyes can produce a change in the brain activity, boost your mood and even reduce stress. Positive affirmations can also be spoken during this smiling in the mirror ritual. This your life, these are your children, your spouse, your job, your home. Your years here on earth are limited, live them to the fullest. So the next time someone asks you, what makes you smile, you can simply respond with, “I do.” Believe it or not you have more control over your own happiness then you are led on to believe by this tainted world.

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