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Healthy bean coffee

Love this coffee. I like that it is healthy, as well!
In fact I purchased a bag since trying the sample.
Thank you.

Healthy Bean Sample (2.5oz)

About the coffee.

I tried the coffee and didn't like the taste. And it was very weak coffee.

Smooth Taste

Smooth taste but not much of a finish. Good coffee needs to be like fine wine with a balanced flavor profile. There was nothing on the back end of this coffee and it was a bit disappointing. But, if you are looking or need low acidic coffee, this would get my vote.

Yummy Coffee

This is one of my top favorite brands of coffee! The fact that it has good stuff and lower acid makes it even more appealing. Try it and enjoy!

Fantastic coffee

This is the best tasting low acid coffee I've ever tried.

Great Coffee!

Fantastic coffee and very easy on my stomach ! Low acid and smooth as can be! I'm definitely ordering some more!

Healthy Bean Sample (2.5oz)
Colleen Letourneau
Great Low Acid Coffee

This is the most smooth coffee I’ve ever drank and for someone who gets heartburn easily I have not had any while drinking this coffee.

My favorite coffee

I look forward to my Healthy bean coffee every morning (and then a second cup!). It is smooth and easy on the stomach, and tastes delicious. This coffee has spoiled me for any other!

Definitely ordering more!

I got the sample size of the superfood blend and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised! I'm not really a darker roast person but this one is fairly mild and yet gives a gentle and steady boost of energy...and I swear made me feel overall calmer too (perhaps being blended with the matcha?) It gives me great peice of mind knowing it's organic and tested for mold as well. I'm definitely ordering a full size bag!


I am very picky about coffee so I really can’t review this wholly without trying whole bean. The sample was good but not as fresh as whole bean

A bit on the burnt side, Not smooth.


I found it to be tasty. It is greatly helps with my organic diet.

its great!

I loved the taste of this coffee and definitely did not get that stomach pain i usually do when I drink normal coffee!

5 star

Great tasting coffee with no aftertaste

So smooth!

I was surprised how smooth it was and very impressed! I’ve had an altered sense of taste and smell after covid and coffee can be tricky. This was so enjoyable!

Coffee time

Very smooth and satisfying


Really enjoyed the coffee.

Great tasting and smooth coffee with low acid!

Pure clean

I liked that it tasted clean no chalk taste on my tongue. My girlfriend so used to crap brand like Folgers so she won’t ever change . No crash

Love the coffee but didn’t love the extra charge for it to reach me!

Love the coffee. Great taste and easy on my stomach. Just sucks that I’m in Canada was charged twice for shipping. Needs to be fixed!

Previous tea drinker turns to Healthy Bean

For the last 30 years I've always had a cup of tea in the morning. Now that I found Healthy Bean coffee, I've switched over. Tea is still a healthy drink too, but somehow I find this cup of coffee more satisfying in the morning.

Wonderful “coffee”!

Unexpected that a healthy blend would be this good!

Colored water

Coffee should be bold and strong and not see through in a clear glass coffee cup .
I was excited to try an acid free coffee because I'm an addict. Pease work on a dark roast that is not transparent with a bold flavor . I would consider buying again when that happens

We do offer an espresso and Thrive blend for a more intense taste profile. Our functional semi-dark coffee is infused with superfoods to offer a semi dark taste with added health benefits. Low acid and added health benefits is our goal. For a richer roast we suggest adding a touch more coffee / altering the preparation.

Like it!

I bought it be because my coffee was making my stomach hurt after my 1st cup. Now, because of the lower acid after my 1st cup my stomach doesn't hurt.

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