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Decaf is a winner

I bought the healthy been decaf for my mother because she’s a decaf drinker however I’ve always been skeptical about decaf anyway I decided to try it and I bought two bags and I can’t tell you how much it taste just the same as the regular. Loved the smell and taste
Mom is hooked too! 👌🏻

Love it!

My husband and I switched to Healthy Bean Coffee about 4 months ago and absolutely love it! So much easier on the belly than other coffees and tastes great!

Good, smooth taste

The coffee tasted fine. However, I won't pay that much for it.

I never received my shipment

HB coffee

On my second bag now. Really like it.

Amazing quality and taste

I tried Healthy Bean because
I was having issues with the acidity of other coffee brands. I never knew coffee could taste so good! You can tell the difference right away and I barely need to add any creamer the flavor is so clean and delicious. Thank you for coming out with such an amazing product!

I loved!!

Delicious! Enjoyed a lot!!

Love the coffee,,,nerver had better.

Smooth...and with benefits...great way to satart my day!!! LOVE this coffee...and I have tried many. This is THE ONE and only from now on.

Great coffee

I am so relieved to have found this coffee! Due to medical reasons I was forced to give up my coffee! I love my coffee and had serious anxiety about not having it!! This coffee is amazing and I couldn't be more pleased with the flavor & body!! Thanks!!


The first coffee that doesn’t set my throat and stomach on fire from my acid reflux. Thank you!!

Subsribe and Save

We enjoy this coffee on the weekends. I look for to this all week.

Best coffee!

This coffee has been a game changer! Due to the negative effects of caffeine and acidity from regular coffee, I almost had to give up drinking coffee. Now that I have Healthy Bean, I can still enjoy my coffee and feel great all while enjoying the extra healthy benefits. Thank you!!


Tasty no acid reaction

Love it!!

This is a great-tasting coffee. Smooth taste with no acidity. I switched to the coffee bean vs. ground and enjoy the freshness even more. Also has made a great gift. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

Delicious and Healthy

I've been looking for an organic, low acid, and tasty coffee. Healthy Bean coffee didn't disappoint! I love the combination of Arabica coffee, matcha, chia, and rooibos. Very unique and tasty!

Ground Sample (2.5oz)

Best Coffee Ever!

Low acid decaf is the answer to my love for coffee since i have bad reflux from regular coffee with all the acid even decaf has a lot of acid but not Healthy Bean sooo glad I found it!

Once I was skeptical . . .

I like to taste and smell coffee beans before I buy them, and so I was skeptical of buying a long-distance order. But the offer of a low-price sample made the purchase low stakes. When the sample arrived, I made a carafe of coffee and was immediately convinced. Bingo! Healthy Bean has served up excellent coffee that is true to its promises — delicious taste with no jitters. My partner — not at all easy to please — is also a new fan. We’ve happily joined up for the every 2-week subscription. Glad I’ve found this coffee.

Very good

Delicious, and the low acidity allows me to have a cup of coffee again. Thank you!

Good stuff

I really enjoyed the coffee

I’m Hooked On This One

This is an awesome tasting coffee. It has a very rich coffee flavor with no acidity and low bitterness. I ordered 4 bags through the “Touch of Modern” 4 packs (2 of beans and 2 of grounds) web site. I decided to buy four of the 2.5 ounces samples just to taste it and it was gone a couple of days. I can’t wait so I’m ordering 2 bags straight from your web site.

Healthy Bean Coffee

Love this coffee

I am a big coffee drinker, so when I tasted healthy bean coffee for the first time I was hooked. I would choose this coffee over any other coffee. It gives me energy and no crash.It is nice and smooth has a great taste. I drink it hot or cold because it's good either way. Another great thing I barley use creamer like I would other coffee's I drink. Healthy bean is healthy and tastes so good.

Ground Sample (2.5oz)

Love this coffee

I love this coffee!It makes you feel good without upset tummy!I dont get jittery at all.