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Healthy Bean is the bomb!

Love this coffee. I have GERD and it does not bother me at all. I feel great after a cup of this great cup of coffee!


I've tried other low acid & decaf coffee and the taste is terrible. I like the taste and the health benefits.

So delicious!

I can drink multiple cups without heartburn! I prefer the taste over my regular coffee.

Tastes good and healthier.

It has smooth taste and not bitter. good flavor and good to know it is organically raised.


I ordered a sample of the healthy bean and it was smooth and rich. The best thing I noticed, my stomach didn't react. I will definitely buy again.


This coffee is smooth and easy on the stomach. Great full flavor. Customer service is 5 stars also. They respond quickly and are very helpful.

Healthy Bean Coffee Makes My Morning!

Excited about all the healthy ingredients in this coffee! And it tastes fantastic! I became a fan from my first cup!

Great coffee bean

My son and I really enjoyed the coffee we purchased from your company.

I'd like to know how can I use this coupon since I'm a monthly subscriber with recurring payment.

I also like to know does your decafe come with whole bean as well.

Freaking delicious

You must buy this coffee!!! It’s amazing and so smooth!!!

Roast lives up to boast

Very nice tasting coffee without the acid. Thank you!

ReCharge Product

Best DeCaf ever!!

I have been looking for a good tasting Decaf coffee for a while. Have tried many but Heathy Bean Decaf is the one I can drink. Had issues with the acid in other coffees. No issues at all with Healthy Bean. Thanks for creating such a healthy Decaf!!

Very good

Really good tasting coffee.

Loooove this coffee!

Definitely a plus in my morning routine! I love it!

Best coffee

I made the switch to Healthy Bean last year and now it’s the only coffee I drink. Love the flavor and love how I feel drinking it.

Great coffee!

This is the first decaf coffee I have tried that does’t bother my stomach. I may have to try a sample of the regular, although I would have to mix it so I don’t get too much caffeine. Bottom line: Good stuff!

Really strong and rich. Love it!!

Just okay

I initially had some concerns about their response time on a consumer question, however; that was handled very well by the representative. The delivery time was quick and the overall presentation of the product is impressive. Unfortunately, it lacked the taste and aroma that I was looking for.

Healthy, delicious, aromatic

We've tried a number of different coffees by mail. Healthy Bean is the best so far. Darker roasts aren't normally our thing, but this consistently brews well for a tasty cuppa. Also, deliciously aromatic.

Healthy Bean Coffee


This is the absolute best coffee ever! My husband and I both love it. I am a big coffee drinker and have searched for an amazing coffee that doesn't give me heartburn and I have finally found it!

Wow! I was surprised it was so delicious!

I have had to switch to low acid coffee due to my heartburn. I ordered a sample of Healthy Bean and wow, so good and NO HEARTBURN! I actually prefer this coffee regardless of needing a low acid choice. I will definitely be subscribing.

Can't wait for my next bag

This coffee is definitely a release on my intestines. I appreciate the creativity behind this.

Simply the Best

Without the acid to get in the way, the flavor of the coffee shines!

Great cup of coffee!

The taste was great, was expecting it too be a little nutty with all the extras, but I was pleasantly surprised.